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Cryptocurrency Ugly Sweaters

Now your can wear your favorite cryptocurrencies on your sleeve (literally) with our new cryptocurrency ugly Christmas sweaters line.

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We came into 2018 determined to offer something new and exciting in the ugly Christmas sweater world.  Here at Finrod’s we love technology, and all the different ways that it can make lives better.

The most cutting edge technology out there that has the ability to someday change the world is the advent of blockchain technology.

Starting with Bitcoin, and evolving into many different applications and cryptocurrencies, this technology is growing and gaining acceptance all around the world.

We love blockchain and it’s many applications, and we wanted to celebrate that with a line of sweaters inspired by some of the most popular cryptocurrencies around.

We are starting out 2018 offering a Bitcoin sweater, Litecoin sweater, Ethereum sweater and a NEM sweater, with hopefully many more to come in the future.

You can purchase yours exclusively at

Only $57.99

Shipping in Early November 2018

These sweaters are going to be a limited run so order today

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