It’s Time for Corporate Christmas Gifts to Get a Makeover.


In corporate America there is one annual tradition that springs up every year when the weather turns cold, the mittens and beanies make their debut, and the holidays spring upon us – corporate Christmas gifts. Yes, companies must each year look for new ways to generate excitement, and endearment with their client list by sending them yet another Christmas gift, while striving to keep it unique, desirable, and preferably memorable.
Yes, giving corporate Christmas gifts each year can be time-consuming, not to mention a financial strain, but remember, your company’s Christmas gifts to its clients are a reflection of your company, and what you think about their partnership with your organization. A less than satisfactory gift could end up reflecting poorly on your company, and make the client feel somewhat offended.


Unfortunately most companies will pull out the tired old list of client gifts such as branded coffee mugs, pens, boxes of chocolates, summer sausage gift packs, cookies, cheeses and other such cliché gifts that are not only unremarkable, they are likely re-gifted, or used and forgotten in about as much time as it took the boss to think up the not-so-amazing gift idea for this year.


Well, it’s time for corporate America to wake up, do something original, and stop being so dull and unremarkable. It’s time for client Christmas gifts to get a makeover, and if you’re reading this you happen to be exactly in the right place, because this is exactly what we do here every year.


We have worked with some of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world, and helped them bring unforgettable new life to their corporate gifts. These companies take the growth, and relevance of their brand seriously and that is why they don’t settle for the tired old traditional gifts for their clients. They need to stay fresh, exciting, and unique in every marketing effort that they make, and that is why they come to Finrod’s Festive Wear because we make the most unique corporate Christmas gifts in the world.


If you have never thought of giving an ugly Christmas sweater to your clients, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. It is a relatively new concept, but it’s becoming bigger and bigger each year, and some of the biggest brands in the world are doing this.


So why would you want to give an ugly Christmas sweater to your clients? We hoped you would ask. Here are a few reasons why.


  • We can design and manufacture a completely custom Christmas sweater with your company logo, mascot, brand colors, other Christmas/holiday elements or just about whatever you need.
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters are an incredibly hot trend right now, and it shows that your company is relevant, exciting and fresh
  • Clients get SUPER excited about wearing and showing their sweaters off during the holiday seasonCustom Gift Wrapping and Fulfillment
  • It creates great viral content for social media
  • It’s an unforgettable and unique client gift!
  • You can use the sweaters for your own marketing efforts, marketing campaigns, etc and keep your brand visible in an incredibly memorable way.
  • You can also use them as employee gifts. This is one way to get your employees excited about your company and advertise for you by wearing them to parties and holiday gatherings.


These are just a few of the reasons why letting us help you give a unique client gift this year is a great idea!


If you are interested in working with us contact us and we will give you a free quote for your product. No obligation, just give us a shout and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.


In the meantime check out a few of our recent projects we’ve done for our corporate clients.

The 2016 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Sweater.

Given as player gifts to the Navy and LA Tech football teams.

LinkedIn branded, custom ugly Christmas sweater.

Sphero ugly Christmas sweater.   Used for employee gifts, online giveaway and social media marketing efforts.

Image courtesy of Sphero.  Sweaters by Finrod’s Festive Wear

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