Custom Gift Wrapping and Fulfillment

Let us custom gift wrap, pack and ship your sweaters.  With our custom gift wrapping and fulfillment we take care of everything so you don’t have to.

When your company or organization is planning on giving corporate Christmas gifts (whether it be to your clients, customers, employees or anyone else) you realize quickly that it is a monumental task.

You must first decide on a gift (or gifts), source the product(s), and purchase them.  And only after all of this is complete do you realize that you also need to be thinking about the presentation and delivery of the gift to the recipient, as well as make sure they arrive when you need them to – before the holidays!

Dumping a cheap gift in a box and shipping it off is a NO-NO, and will reflect poorly on your company.

It is imperative that you impress your clients and employees if you are giving them a Christmas/holiday gift from your company or organization.   Remember, you are trying to express appreciation for them, so if your gift is cheap and poorly presented or delivered, they will assume you think as much of your relationship with them.

Finrod’s Festive Wear is here to help!  Not only do we design and manufacture one of the most unique company Christmas gifts in the world (namely our branded, custom ugly Christmas sweaters), but we can help take the worry, stress and trouble out of how to package and deliver those gifts to the recipients for an additional (yet reasonable) cost.

Many of our former clients have been able to breathe more easily at Christmastime knowing that after we created their one-of-a-kind company ugly Christmas sweaters we would take those sweaters, individually wrap them in beautiful holiday wrapping, tie custom bows (all done to each client’s specifications), safely package them and ship them to each recipient.

Now that is a service that can make you and your clients smile!   Believe me when I tell you that you can’t put a price on us taking this headache off of you.

What Can We Do?


Well, just about anything you need.  We have several basic wrapping and fulfillment packages that you can choose from, but if you need a more customized solution we can do that as well and provide you a quote based on your needs.

A basic package will look something like this:  We individually fold and wrap each sweater in clear, poly bags, then carefully wrap them in gift-quality tissue paper, and place them in a two-piece gift box.  That box is then hand wrapped in quality gift wrapping paper, and hand-tied with a custom bow or ribbon.   That gift is then carefully boxed and shipped out to each recipient at their specified address.

We can do much more as well depending on your needs including: specific color tissue, gift boxes, ribbons and bows, even custom wrapping paper with your company logo.   Just let us know your needs and we will provide you a quote.

What is Included?


  • Individual gift boxing of each item with gift tissue and premium gift box
  • Custom gift wrapping
  • Hand-tied ribbons/bows
  • Safe packing for shipping
  • Priority shipping to each recipient (shipping costs and handling all included in the package price)
  • Tracking numbers list so you can track each shipment online

Like to get a quote on custom wrapping and fulfillment? Contact us now