How do we get our own custom sweater made?

The first thing is to contact us and discuss your project.  If you already have a design great!  If not, we can design the sweater for you based on your ideas, needs, etc.  After all of the details are worked out, we will have the first sweater manufactured.  You will receive it in the mail and approve or request changes.  Once the sweater is approved we move the rest of the order into production.  When complete they are mailed to you, each one wrapped in clear plastic poly bags.

What is the minimum number of custom sweaters we can order?

Minimum is only 100.  Far lower that you will typically find for quality, commissioned, custom manufacturing like this.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the project, quantity ordered, etc. Once the design is finalized we can get the first sweater to you in 2-3 weeks generally.  After you approve the first sweater the bulk order can usually be ready in about 45 days.

Since our sweaters are generally desired during the holiday season it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you contact us EARLY to make sure you have your sweaters when you need them.

****NOTE:  These are estimates only and do not represent firm delivery guarantees.  Many factors can affect production and delays in manufacturing and shipping can and do happen.  

What if we need to make changes to the design AFTER we have received the physical sweater sample(s) of the design(s)?

Changes to the design are okay, but please note that this will increase the lead time, and our delivery estimate that we had previously given you will need to be changed to a later date.

What about shipping?

We will ship all of the sweaters to your desired destination within the 48 contiguous United States.  Please contact us if you will be shipping these outside of the USA or to US territories or Hawaii, Alaska.

Can we send you our own design?

Of course!  If you have a design ready to go, or want your team to create the design just send us the electronic files (PNG, PDF, PSD, etc) and we can get started even quicker.  We have a mockup template we can send you for your designer to use.

Can you design a sweater for us?

Yes.  Our in-house design team can bring your company or organization’s sweater to life!  We will work with you to design an awesome sweater that will be a huge hit for whatever you wish to use them for.

Do you charge for design service?

Not if placing an order.  Our design services are included in the cost of the sweaters so the price we quote you on each sweater includes the design.

If you want us to design a sweater up front as an electronic mockup so you can decide if you want to work with us the cost is $100.00 to design one sweater.  If you end up placing an order with us we will refund that amount back to you in its entirety.

Can you design multiple sweaters for us so we can have some choices?

Yes.  We can then design multiple sweaters for you after you have signed our service agreement, and agreed to hire us for the project.  It must be a reasonable request, however, in relation to how many different sweater designs you are going to purchase.  If, for instance, you want to buy two different designs, we would be able to design four for you to pick from and so on.

Is there anything you won’t create?  

Yes.  We will not design or manufacture anything pornographic, insulting, abusive, hateful, nasty, vengeful, disgusting, profane, blasphemous, libelous, slanderous, obscene, ‘naughty’, well you get the idea.  We’re here to create fun, quality creations for businesses, corporations and professional organizations.  Anything that’s not positive and family friendly will not be considered by our company.

What are payment terms?

On custom orders 60% of the total order amount is due at the time we sign the agreement to produce your sweaters.  The balance is due when your entire order is ready to be shipped to you.  On wholesale orders 1/2 of the order total is due immediately.  The balance is due when your order is ready to be shipped to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

credit card logos with paypal

We accept check, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx.   The easiest method is to pay via Paypal, or our secure online portal right here on our website.  When we invoice you we will provide you with links to easily and safely pay online.

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