Ugly Christmas Sweaters Induce the Laughter

The power of the ugly Christmas sweater can no longer be denied.  These loveable pieces of fashion nonsense have touched a nerve across the world, and that nerve is the funny bone in all of us.  We all love to laugh, and that’s why we love, love, love going to ugly sweater parties, and making sure we are the ugliest one in the room.  We WANT (unlike every other day of the year) for people to laugh at us, and we will of course laugh back.

So, in the spirit of ugly sweater fun be prepared to laugh out loud as we share with you a selection of the best funny Christmas sweaters we could find anywhere.  We scoured the internet looking for the absolute wildest and most hilarious examples of yuletide festivity gone insane, and we found some downright doozies.

The Tiny Two

Elf ugly christmas sweater

Our first funny Christmas sweaters photo celebrates the elf in all of us.  I just love these two sweaters we found over at jokesoftheday.  They just make me laugh.  The little bodies and the big heads.  You can’t go wrong when it comes to elves.

Fruit Cake

funny Christmas sweaters

You can get this fruit cake sweater over at  A very bright and colorful sweater with a sweet double meaning.  Awesome!

More Than a Sweater

This photo we found over at shows a young lady who understands that ugly Christmas sweater partying is about more than just a sweater.  It’s a lifestyle, a persona, an extension of self.  Wow.  Way to go.

Family Christmas Photo

I just…I don’t know……I….I’m speechless.  So weird and hilarious that that it just couldn’t be ignored.  This lovely Christmas photo reminds us that Christmas is all about family, in whatever form it takes.


An ugly Christmas sweater based on The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special!

In case you didn’t know it, He-Man rules.  Especially at Christmas.  Who else could wear a skimpy metal chest plate in December?  Only one my friend, only one.

Granny’s Love ‘Em More

Granny’s love ugly Christmas sweaters more than anyone else because, let’s face it,  they are the reason they existed in the first place.  This awesome granny shows the young folks how it’s done in this pic over at jenjenjenny

Homemade Hilarity

See? You can't call a sweater this jolly ugly.

This homemade ugly Christmas sweater is a nice combination of uniqueness and yuletide fun.  Find out how to make one for yourself over at

Snowman Wig

This snowman wig over at oh-mycreative is not a sweater (duh), but is fantastically fabulous.  Ladies, here’s how to make an ugly sweater party impression.

Braveheart Gets Ugly

This guy has really got an awesome sweater and ugly Christmas kilt.  If Braveheart were going to an ugly Christmas party, I bet he would be dressed similarly, and look just as angry.  Courtesy the mostlynice blog

The Joy of Christmas

This guy’s Christmas sweater is pretty dang awesome, but nothing can top the mingled look of holiday joy and insanity echoing from his rosy cheeks.  He puts the Merry in Merry Christmas.  Check out Crazy Linker for more

You too can look as awful as these people this Christmas