Getting your own branded, fully customized, knit ugly Christmas sweaters is easier than you think!

We make the process smooth and simple so you don’t have to worry

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The first step is to contact us via email to discuss your project.  You tell us what your ideas and needs are, whether you have a design, will have the design created by your team, or if you would like us to handle the design.

The first sweater is made

After we finalize the design we send the first sweater into production.  We typically call this a sample.  We will send the sweater to you for approval.  We do this to ensure you are satisfied with the final product before sending the bulk order into production.

The Bulk Order is Made

When you approve the sample we immediately send the rest of the order into production.  When they are completed they are immediately shipped to your location for use in your campaigns, giveaways, or whatever you wish.

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