Did He Just Say That?

Yes, I just said that and I sell ugly Christmas sweaters.   Let me elaborate.


With the Christmas shopping season beginning very soon, or already for some retailers (it’s September for crying out loud!), I felt it was time to step out there and discuss something that has recently been on my mind.

Everyone knows by now that ugly Christmas sweaters and the ugly sweater parties that honor them are big.  In 2012 the trend seemed to hit some sort of critical mass, and was being discussed in every mainstream news outlet from The Today show to Fox News, with popular anchors donning their very worst Christmas sweaters.  NBA stars were seen wearing them in press conferences, and pop music stars bravely began making a not-so-fashionable, but oh-so- cleverly-different statement, which helped them stand out from their peers.

As the demand for ugly Christmas sweaters grew, it was met with supply by many online purveyors of hideous Christmas sweaters.   Finding vintage Christmas sweaters can be downright impossible these days in the second half of the year, and online merchants make it easy for people who want access to a huge selection of sweaters, and have it shipped right to their door..

So, now you have the ability to do a quick Google search and find just about any style, size and color you can imagine.  The business has evolved into offering one-off custom designed sweaters, and more.

The Evolution of Naughty

One of the more eye-opening developments of that evolution is the advent (we beg pardon) of ‘naughty’ Christmas sweaters.  These are sweaters that feature higher-than-PG13-rated designs with everything from reindeer humping, to beloved and well-known holiday characters relieving themselves, and other more unsavory actions.

Okay, it’s pretty well known by now that the ugly Christmas sweater party was started by college kids, and there is no doubt that young people are certainly a massive market for these things.  It’s the reason the naughty sweater lines exist.  Christmas sweater manufacturers and sellers know their market, and college kids and young adults tend to find that type of humor appealing.

Each to his own I say.
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Our View

The problem is that unlike keg parties, ugly Christmas sweater parties are being enjoyed all over the world by other age groups and demographics than the college bunch.  Schools, churches, corporations, and community organizations are all getting in on the fun, and are also in the market for an egregiously ugly Christmas sweater.

We simply feel that as the trend becomes more mainstream it is important to make sure everyone feels safe to click on a website selling ugly sweaters without fear of the obscene.  That is why we here at Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters have decided never to sell a sweater that is offensive or off-color.  Trust me, these things are funny enough without having to resort to base humor.  Just take a look around for Pete’s sake.

I know, I know, this is controversial, and many in the industry will think me prudish for suggesting it improper.  Perhaps I am, but just because we live in the 21st Century doesn’t mean we should abandon all prudence for the sake of a cheap laugh.

I love to have fun on Christmas.  It certainly should be an enjoyable time.  Laughing at the commercial silliness of the modern American celebration of Christmas is part of the reason ugly Christmas sweater parties exist.  But the naughty Christmas sweaters (in my humble opinion) take it too far, and like all things that are not family-friendly, they tend not to be as funny as they think they are.

The world has come aboard, and wants to dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters this year, and like Las Vegas before us, let’s clean up the town so everyone can enjoy the fun.