Our Work
Designing and creating 100% custom, one-of-a-kind, branded Christmas sweaters is what we do.  When we begin a project with a client the only thing that exists is the idea that maybe getting a customized ugly Christmas sweater made just for their company or organization might be a radical, exciting new way to tell their brand’s story.

We take that idea, mold it, sculpt it, and turn it into a reality.  We have walked through this process with some of the biggest, most powerful brands in the world, and helped bring a new, and exciting approach to marketing their brand with custom ugly Christmas sweaters.

Below you can browse through our portfolio of work, and see what Finrod’s Festive Wear has done for our former clients.

Each sweater we create is incredibly unique, colorful, and beautiful and is meticulously designed and created to tell the story that each brand wishes to tell.

Click any image on this page to view the project and learn more.  We hope you enjoy browsing our work.

We make our customers happy
“My experience with Finrod’s was so great I didn’t know that customer service and product quality like there’s existed in real life! Such an amazing company and team to work with.”
Katie Grossman

Senior Manager Events and Trade Marketing, The Weather Company

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