Design Your Own Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater


Get started designing your very own custom ugly Christmas sweater!
Don’t forget to read all the important info further down the page.

1-249 [+$40.00] $40.00
250-499 [+$38.00] $38.00
500-999 [+$34.00] $34.00


***Minimum Purchase Quantity of 100 Sweaters Required.  See our PRICING TABLE for more details***

Welcome to our online custom ugly Christmas sweater designer!  Get started by clicking in the sweater image above.  Add colors, Christmas icons, logos, mascots and much more.

Once you have your sweater the way you like it you can download the image, or continue to safely and securely check out online right here on our site.

We require a minimum order quantity of 100 sweaters.  If you need a run of sweaters smaller than 100 please contact us and let us know.

Important Info

The purpose of this designer is to make it easier for our customers to mock up some of their ideas for a custom Christmas sweater, and to easily order online.

The designer has limitations so if you need a more specific, customized sweater than the options available on the designer feel free to CONTACT US and we can work with you to bring your ideas to life.

It is important to note that not every conceivable sweater designed on the online designer can be made exactly as it is.   Most designs should be okay, but since these sweaters are 100% knitted, and not screen printed, certain graphical elements may not show well on a knitted sweater, while others cannot be stitched at all.

Here are some general guidelines to help you put together a sweater that will look great when manufactured:

  • Try not to choose white as a base color.   The stitching from other darker elements will be visible under the white and can lead to a strange appearance of discoloration on the sweater.
  •  Any images that you upload to the designer will work better if the background is removed first.  HERE IS A TOOL you can use to do just that.
  • No vertical lines, text or graphics in the collar, cuff or bottom ribbing
  • Designs with many colors can cause manufacturing delays.   It is best to stick with 2 to 5 total colors.
  • Check out some of our previous work HERE for inspiration!

Image Limitations

  • Only basic graphic images or elements can be used.  Real life photographs, images, etc cannot be stitched onto a sweater and should not be used in your design.
  • Images or graphics with highly detailed elements such as shading, shadows, 3D elements cannot be stitched onto a sweater and should not be used in your design.
  • Try to stick with logos, text, Christmas icons (available in the designer), and other vector, png, and similar types of elements.

What Happens After I Order?

Never Fear!  Nothing is final until you say it is.  We will review the design and contact you about any changes that may be needed, or to confirm that you are ready to move forward with production.

After we finalize the design with you we will begin production of the first sweater.  We call this a sample.  You will receive the sweater in a couple of weeks to review, feel and look over.  If you are satisfied we will begin production on the bulk order.  If you want to make changes we can do that, but it will delay your order by a few weeks.  In that case we will get you a new sample to review.

Delivery Time

We can usually deliver your entire order within 7 weeks after your order is placed and design is finalized.

Shipping is FREE within the 48 contiguous states.   Contact Us for a shipping quote to Hawaii, Alaska or other places outside of the continental USA.

Terms and Conditions

By using this designer you agree that you have full, and unlimited authorization to use any of the images uploaded to the designer.

You also agree that you understand that not every conceivable design created on the designer can be manufactured, and that we may have to alter, remove, or rearrange certain elements to make the sweater work.  Don’t worry.  We will contact you if needed to discuss any changes.

You also agree that you give Finrod’s Festive Wear the right to deny production of any designs that do not meet our guidelines of taste and decency.  We will not design or manufacture anything pornographic, insulting, abusive, hateful, nasty, vengeful, disgusting, profane, blasphemous, libelous, evil, slanderous, obscene, ‘naughty’, well you get the idea. We’re here to create fun, quality creations for businesses, corporations and professional organizations. Anything that’s not positive and family friendly will not be considered by our company.

If you disagree with these conditions

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