A quick look at two Christmas sweater creation methods

We brag a lot around here about the quality of our sweaters, and with good reason. We made a committment when we started Finrod’s Festive Wear that we would only create premium quality Christmas sweaters. We knew that the types of companies that (for the most part) would be interested in creating custom sweaters for the brand would be established (and sometimes very well-known) companies and organizations, and that quality would be a top priority for them.

We have been creating and selling custom Christmas sweaters since 2012. When we started out we were designing, and hand-crafting the sweaters ourselves using vintage sweaters, and decorating them with all kinds of ornaments, decorations, working Christmas lights, and even stuffed animals. We certainly created some wild and incredible sweaters in those days, and the success of those first sweaters are what led us into doing it on a large scale for companies and organizations.

As we began to research large-scale sweater production we realized we could create these sweaters, essentially, one of two main ways:  screen-printing or knitting.

Screen-printing is the most common method of printing on fabrics. It is used in everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, even underwear and socks!  The process is popular and effective. The design is created by stretching a mesh screen over a frame. A stencil is created in the mesh, and inks are spread across the mesh and transferred to the fabric. Now, there is a lot more to it than just that, but this will give you a general idea of how the design is transferred to the fabric.

Screen-printing is a wonderful design process, and has been used for centuries. It is also used on sweaters, but typically is better suited for sweatshirts and similar items. We looked at this in-depth and agreed that screen-printed sweatshirts would not reach the level of quality that we wanted to see.

We knew that we would need to be able to design, and manufacture custom designs on 100% knit sweaters. Knitting sweaters is a much more involved, expensive and difficult process. In knitting every color, every inch of the design – whether it be a logo or an image- has to be knitted with yarn into the sweater itself. The design is not placed on top of a knitted sweater, it is woven directly into it.

Each color that is used one of our custom Christmas sweaters is specifically chosen, and dyed into the exact Pantone codes required for that design. Knitted Christmas SweaterThe yarns are aligned on high-tech computer knitting machines, the design is loaded into the computer, and the machine begins stitching the yarns together to create the design.

The finished garment is truly amazing. To see something go from an idea in an electronic sweater mock-up, to a beautiful, knitted garment with all of its bold colors, logos, and elements is an incredible experience.

Each time we see a client’s sweater come to life we get very excited, because we know how excited they are going to be to wear it proudly, show around the office, or wear out in public.

It does take longer to manufacture knitted sweaters, but the extra time, effort, and expense are definitely worth it to see the end result which always leaves our customers smiling.

Image courtesy of Sphero.  Sweaters by Finrod’s Festive Wear

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