This will be a short post about what we’re currently up to.  All of our Christmas sweater designs for 2016 are in production.  This does not include our custom sweater design and creation services.  This is only our in-house designs that we sell to retailers. We have several amazing designs this year that are sure to be a hit.  We should be getting the initial samples finished up this week.  After they are finalized and we sign off on them we will be uploading actual product photos to the site, as well as photos of some people modeling them, AND we will begin taking orders immediately. If you are interested in carrying any of our sweaters in your retail shop we are accepting new dealers.  We allow online only or brick and mortar shops to carry our line so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 2016 should be an amazing year.  We are super stoked about our sweaters this year and we think the public is going to love them too. More to come soon. Chris